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Our Quality Policy

Ev-Sa is a superior home brand that provides highest standards using technological and qualified materials, offering comfortable and reliable options.

Customer Satisfaction

Company principle is to offer quality products at the most economic conditions and reach our customer satisfaction targets.

Environmental Structures

Steel Homes are durable and reusable material. Materials can be easily recycled with the dismantling of steel building.

Economic Structures

During the design stage at EV-Sa; price, quality and brand material are evident. You will not face any way surprise.

5 Reasons To Prefer Steel Houses

Pre-engineered, fabricated structural elements, enables providing high-quality, low prices and shorten the construction time too. Steel is the material that has the highest capacity at the ratio of the load carriage.

Steel, high strength, flexibility and lightness, is the most earthquake-resistant construction materials. The light weight enables customers to withstand the blows to the break.

Steel is a durable and reusable material. Building materials can be recycled with the dismantling of the steel. Mild steel skeleton of a building can be obtained from of 7-8 scrap cars.

Except basic and subbasement, steel erection is not needed for concrete; it can be performed very quickly without depending on weather conditions. This provides the opportunity to decrease the need for reduction of capital and construction costs. Installation of a 200 m2 house can be completed in a short period of 7 days.

All over the world it is identified with the international standards and specifications that the steel is an industrial product which certified through controlling at every stage of production. Producer or the user is not allowed to interfere with the physical properties of the material. Theoretical calculation values are just as true in practice. The steel cannot be hidden inside of the concrete, so the steel provides an opportunity to be checked if the steel is compliant with the projects and standards.

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