Ev-Sa is built with lightweight steel panel to the carrier system formed by bending profile.

No. The steel that is used in Ev-Sa structure is galvanized steel and it is available in Turkey at international standards. Full profile bending process is also done in Turkey. The screw, bolts and other fasteners that we use are produced in Turkey in accordance with the standard.

Yes, because it is lighter than reinforced concrete structure and it is exposed less to earthquake forces. Steel construction elements, such as reinforced concrete is not fragile, , because it shows a ductile behavior and it is more resistant to earthquake forces. EV-SA houses are designed against the breeze and earthquake according to the requirements of international specifications.

Coating materials used in EV-SA houses have the guarantee which is given by the manufacturer. While economic life is 60-years for all other buildings, it is considered the 200-300 years for steel systems.

As long as they comply with the relevant zoning procedure, we can make a home wherever required both in Turkey and abroad.

Optionally, PVC, wood, aluminum, iron works, etc. required all kinds of doors and windows can be applied. It may be added the window blinds as well.

The guarantee of the used materials is given by the manufacturer company. The steel has the international warranty of Erdemir Steel Iron and Steel Plant. Ev-Sa offers a guarantee on the existing legislation against your house production and assembly defects.

EV-SA housing systems can be applied very easily on different projects. If you’d like one of the EV-SA projects, we can draw a different project or according to your request. If you want, you can bring your architectural projects that can be implemented.

You are not obliged to prefer a standard application in EV-SA. You can get a turnkey housing to be all-inclusive if you want or you can request delivery in rough shape as you want.

No. If you wish, as you can do it yourself, it can be done by Ev-Sa from the base to the end as projected.

Prices of EV-SA home are determined by the coating of your choice. Your home will be a more economical in contrast to the concrete house in the same quality.

It is not possible to add floors. However, Ev-Sa housing systems can make additional rooms and this must be done under the control of Ev-Sa.

According to the architecture, it is available to rise up to 4 floors.The most convenient and economical results are achieved in 2-3 floors.

No. Low-rise buildings are also used in commercial and small industrial buildings In addition, the EV-SA steel system can be easily used for temporary housing, construction site buildings, pre-production and multi-storey prefabricated houses.

The size of your house is entirely your choice. EV-SA technology can be applied to the houses that the subject size from 40m2 to any size up to 450m2 villa sizes.

The foundation concrete begins after receiving the license. The house can be completed and delivered in 45 days.

Ev-Sa supplies its materials from the companies which produce materials that are appropriate to the international standards (ALS, ASTM, ISO, and DIN) and Turkish standards (TSE).

No. Once it is built, it is not possible to disassemble and move to another place.

Only in non-bearing partition walls, changes can be made within the EV-Sa approval.

As the boiler in the heating system, natural gas or LPG fuel available according to your location, whole buildings heating problems can be resolved with stove through chimney pumping system with radiators. Mechanical and electrical installation pipes can be installed, determining the stage of the project in walls and ceilings seamlessly.

Yes, the internal and external coating can be changed if desired.

According to the evaluation of EV-SA, the doors and windows can be added without any harm to the bearer systems.

Yes, fireplaces and barbecues can be made by applying the necessary thermal insulation to prevent the interference of the steel structure.

Thermal insulation properties are calculated according to the climatic conditions and the insulation materials are used to the situation in the most appropriate place to build your home.

We provide loans to our customers according to our agreement with the banks we work with. And if you pay 50 percent in advance we could provide easy terms of payment for you.