Stage 1

Pre-production takes place at the factory through computer-controlled machines and completes by mill metric precision steel construction wall panels and structural assembly of the columns is done by workers on site. At the houses, corrosion risk does not occur thanks to the use of galvanized steel.

Stage 2

Including the main carrier in the steel housing, all elements rivets, self-tapping screws and increasing resistance to earthquakes as it is made using the bolt and the impact of the earthquake and any cracking does not occur.

Stage 3

The process of cladding starts after the steel construction is completed. OSB (OSB – Oriented Strand Board) and coated steel framework on all types of siding and roofing material on the market can be easily performed.

Stage 4

While thermal insulation panels continue on the outside of the space profile, trimming operations are plugged.

Stage 5

Drywall over the insulation boards is coated. The drywall joints fill with plaster then paint is made or covered with wallpaper.

Stage 6

After all these operations are completed, your home is ready for use

Stage 7

Over the steel which is plated by OBS can be applied by sheathing, cement board, siding with mosaics with the desired color and pattern.

Stage 8

The roof structure built with sloping roof panels and trusses are covered with 11mm OSB panels. On this surface coating is obtained by OSB series waterproofing membrane. Shingle waterproofing membrane is coated as a roofing material desired color and texture. Water troughs are composed of PVC gutter horizontally and vertically.

Stage 9

Fireplace chimney is prepared with firebrick thermal barrier to prevent damage to the housing of steel construction. Required all kinds of fireplace models can be applied.

Stage 10

Optionally, to prevent damage to the housing of steel construction, fireplace chimney prepared with firebrick thermal barrier. Required all kinds of fireplace models can be applied.