Light steel structure technology is a construction system in which steel house building elements are produced from galvanized steel by cold forming method. The details are transferred to the machine with the support of the computer, they are shaped in the line.

Thanks to the fact that the preliminary manufacturing is carried out in the factory environment and on automatic machine lines, the errors that can occur with the human factor are minimized.


Other advantages of buildings produced with light steel technology can be listed as follows;
1- It is long-lasting, robust and safe.
2- It provides high sound, heat and water insulation.
3- The production system, the pre-production of which is carried out in the factory, enables error-free and fast production.
4- It provides more efficient earthquake performance thanks to its flexibility and lightness.
5- It offers flexibility and aesthetic solutions in design.
6- Thanks to the ease of assembly, it shortens the construction time.
7- It allows for a cleaner construction site environment.
8- The structures made of galvanized steel are resistant to corrosion and rust.
9- Environmentally friendly.
10- It is cost effective.
11- Standardization in the construction system ensures stability in quality and material prices.
12- It is one of the most recyclable building materials.