Don’t you desire to lay down in front of the fireplace in your home, to watch the fire, dance with fire, and to get warm with fire and think with it, want to live joy-filled hours?

In the outer cladding; marble, wood, metal, stone, brick and many more options are offered. Fireplaces designed to suit all tastes. Another feature of a fireplace is that the ash drawer to provide ease of cleaning.

Shortly after your fireplace lit from special alloy casting body heat conductor at room temperature will emit up to 400 ° C. The weather warms up and begins to rise out of the vents contained herein. This can increase circulation while still starts heating by radiation through the glass ceramic and reduce the temperature of the heat setting during the combustion chamber. With breaker located inside the combustion chamber burns the flame by turning the flame several times and ensuring complete combustion flue gases getting maximum efficiency from fuel thrown in and it has become harmless to the environment. While providing the dimmed case for 6 hours of continuous burn allows less wood and refueling.

With glass-ceramic that can withstand up to 750 ° C it is cutting the relationship between space and fireplace and you can continue your daily life without thinking problems such as, flying sparks, smell and pollution.