V-SA is much more solid than reinforced concrete structure against the risk of one of the biggest natural disasters like earthquakes. Earthquake load is greatly reduced because total weight is 80% less than reinforced concrete structures. Fear of an earthquake comes out of your life

The 150 m2 house of Ev-Sa can complete in 60 days.  The construction period of the concrete buildings of the same size is 8 months.

All of the conveyor panels that make up the building are produced in computer controlled production center. So there is no error in the products. Our production system allows secure quality control at every stage of the production.

All the profiles are made from materials used in the EV-SA galvanized high zinc coating. Thanks to the superior isolation techniques, the longevity of your structure applied during assembly.

EV-SA offers indispensable for earthquake zones. It does not cause breaking, cracking or twisting. With the grounding feature of the steel structure it does not carry the risk of lightning.

For EV-SA there are no uncertainties like in construction, continuously extending construction time, cost increases, and shortage of qualified personnel related problems.

In EV-SA, the prices in the design phase, material quality and brands are clear. You will not face any way surprise. Shortening construction period provides financing ease.

EV-SE provides high heat and sound insulation, the isolation of your building from water and corrosion. Fire safety is at the top level.