Pre-engineered, fabricated structural elements, enables providing high-quality, low prices and shorten the constructing time too. Steel is the material that has the highest capacity at the ratio of the load carriage. Steel construction elements are produced in lighter and smaller cross-sectional dimensions in excellent quality thanks to the high capacity of the steel. Steel bearing elements occupy less room rather than wood and concrete materials so that gives you more place to live. Affordable prices and short construction times give you an opportunity for settle to your home earlier and can enjoy less rent, less interest rate, and less cost.

Thanks to high strength, flexibility, and lightness of the steel, steel is the most earthquake-resistant construction material. The lightweight enables the building to withstand the blow to the break. The only factor to reduce earthquake forces is to lighten the structure. Because of the structure of the mass no matter how big the earthquake, the greater the force that will be applied. Steel buildings are approximately 5 times lighter than concrete structures. This means that the building will be affected by earthquakes five times less.

Steel is a durable and reusable material. Building materials can be recycled with the dismantling of the steel. The mild steel skeleton of a building can be obtained from of 7-8 scrap cars. In contrast, about 50 trees must be cut to make a similar construction.

Except for basic and subbasement, steel erection is not needed for concrete; it can be performed very quickly without depending on weather conditions. This provides the opportunity to decrease the need for reduction of capital and construction costs. Installation of a 200m2 house can be completed in a short period of 7 days.

All over the world, it is identified with the international standards and specifications that the quality of steel, an industrial product is certified by controlling at every stage of production. Producer or the user cannot change the material with the physical properties. Theoretical calculation values are just as true in practice. The steel cannot be hidden inside the concrete, so it provides the opportunity to always be checked for the projects and compliance with the standards.

When mild steel beams used in producing galvanized steel has high corrosion resistance, then the corrosion does not occur; cracking, infestation, deflection in time does not happen as it happens for the wood. The steel used in Ev-Sa steel house consists of galvanized steel quality and international standards.

We adapt our sites more easily and economically with steel structures. Your needs can be met years after removing non-bearing partition walls according to the conditions that may occur.

Unlike the other carriers, steel construction system does not constitute a danger against lightning. Because the protection installation, creating a path to ground fire, small fires and eliminate the risk of injury.